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Tune in LIVE on Sport 24 May 3 – 7!

Sport 24 May 3-7LIVE this weekend on Sport 24!

Barclays Premier League – LIVE as it unfolds Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

ATP World Tour Tennis Masters 1000 Series – LIVE in Madrid

Don’t miss it for the world!

A traveler’s guide to in-flight WiFi

Source: engadget.com »

You’re on a nice, long domestic flight. In coach. There’s a screaming baby two rows up; the pages of the in-flight magazine are stuck together with someone else’s chewing gum; and the 9-inch overhead CRT is showing a 2-year-old episode of New Girl that you’ve already seen a half-dozen times — without sound, because you always end up in the seat with a broken headphone jack. Oh, and you have five hours left to go to LAX.

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What’s Sport 24 Airing LIVE In-Flight April 23-28?

Sport 24 April 23-28LIVE this weekend on Sport 24!

We’re pleased to announce that Sport 24 is introducing the NRL Highlights Program into the broadcast schedule.

Barclays Premier League – As the final stages come to a climax, you can watch the action LIVE as it unfolds on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Don’t miss the top of the table match between Liverpool and Chelsea!

Bundesliga LIVE and AS LIVE on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Euroleague BasketballAS LIVE on Friday.

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DGCA allows uses of mobiles in aeroplane mode in all phases of flight

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com »

NEW DELHI: There’s good new for air travelers in India. They can now use their mobile phones and other personal electronic devices (PEDs) in aeroplane (flight) mode during all phases of a flight, like flyers in the west.

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LIVE In-Flight on Sport 24 April 16-21!

Sport 24 April 16-21See what’s LIVE this weekend on Sport 24!

Barclays Premier League – Race for the title continues. Tune in for LIVE coverage on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


Faster in-flight Wi-Fi opens up new competitive arena

Source: todayonline.com »

NEW YORK — Wi-Fi in the sky is taking off, promising much better connections for travellers and opening up a new competitive arena among airlines, with the Asian market expected to account for the bulk of the growth over the next decade.

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What’s LIVE on Sport 24 April 9-15!

Sport 24 April 9-15LIVE this weekend on Sport 24!

The Augusta Masters – All 4 days LIVE plus the par 3 contest LIVE today.
Barclays Premier League – LIVE Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Bundesliga LIVE and AS LIVE on Saturday.

Euroleague Basketball LIVE Friday.

ATP Masters Tennis 1000 Series from Monte Carlo LIVE starting on Monday.

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