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Flying Over the Great Firewall: Panasonic Avionics Makes Headway in China

Source: apex.aero »

The first e-mail sent from China back in the late 1980s likely reads as prophecy to in-flight connectivity providers today: “Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner of the world.” For airlines outside of China, the great invisible firewall, extending upward of 35,000 feet, has left the fourth-largest country in the world grayed out on global Internet coverage maps – one of the last corners of the world unreached. But the floodgates have opened.

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Cathay Pacific Airways begins flight service from London Gatwick Airport to Hong Kong

Source: airport-technology.com »

Cathay Pacific Airways’ first flight from London Gatwick Airport to Hong Kong has taken off, launching its status as the only airline to run non-stop flights between Gatwick and Hong Kong.

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ViaSat lands Finnair Ka-band contract for short-haul fleet

Source: getconnected.aero »

ViaSat has signed signed an agreement with Finnair to install high-speed wireless internet networks on its entire Airbus A320 series short-haul fleet flying in Europe. The installation of the Wi-Fi equipment will begin in May 2017, and will be completed by June 2018.

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