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How In-Flight Wi-Fi Can Save Your Holiday Travel

By: @Altitude_Allison

Grab your bags, throw them in the car, and race to the airport. It’s the holidays and you’re traveling to your new in-laws’ house. Of course traffic is horrible. You’re worried you’ll miss your flight. You arrive at the airport, and quickly find a parking spot. Confirm your laptop is in your carry-on luggage, and check your bags at the express lane.

After breezing through security, you make it to your gate just in time to board. Lucky you! You take your seat. Seated, it’s finally time to relax. During the pre-flight announcements, the flight attendant indicates that Wi-Fi will be available after reaching 10,000 feet. Yes! (Chances are you’re flying on one of these airlines).

With a 12 hour flight ahead of you, you’re excited for the opportunity to get to catch up on social media. Following the easy instructions provided on the card in the seatback pocket, you successfully access the internet and Facebook. Most of the posts are about the holidays, shopping, and travel. As you continue browsing, you realize that you FORGOT to…


1. Get somebody a gift? They don’t have to know! With in-flight Wi-Fi you can shop online at your seat. Every online store is available at your fingertips, plus they can wrap your gifts and you don’t have to deal with long lines or crowded parking lots at shopping malls.

2. Rent a car? The holidays just snuck up on you. You completely blanked on the fact that you need a car at your destination. Thankfully there’s Wi-Fi on board to book your reservation, and you’ve got peace of mind that the rental agency won’t be out of cars when you arrive.

3. Lock your front door? Nobody want to spend the holidays worrying that they left their home unlocked. With Lockitron, or other smart home devices, you can use your smartphone — and in-flight Wi-Fi — to lock your door with the simple swipe of your finger. Even if you did remember to lock the door, you can find out right away and enjoy the rest of your flight worry-free. lockitron

4. Pay a bill? If the gas company decides to shut off your heat, your water pipes could burst from the cold! Use the Wi-Fi to pay that bill before anything bad happens. It wouldn’t be fun to come home to a flooded house.

5. Find a recipe? It’s the first year attending your new in-laws’ big family dinner. Everyone brings a dish and, wanting to impress them, you promised to make the best apple cobbler they’ve ever tasted. The truth is you have never made it before! With the in-flight Wi-Fi, you have plenty of time to browse the internet to find the best recipe available.

Whatever it is that you may have forgotten in the craziness of this hectic season, rest assured your airline has on board connectivity available and you can correct those oversights during your flight. Travel safe and enjoy the time with family and friends.

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