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5 Ways In-Flight Connectivity Can Save Your Holiday Travels

Jetstar-iPad-in-flight-Entertainment-systemBy: Christina@Altitude

Flying for the holidays? Travel can be stressful, but we have great news! Many airlines (international and domestic) feature in-flight connectivity, allowing you to stay connected 30,000 feet in the air. We made it easy for you by compiling this list of connected airlines. Now that you’ve confirmed your flight will have WiFi and done a celebratory dance, read on for a few of our favorite uses for onboard connectivity.

  1. Forgot to get somebody a gift? Save yourself the hassle of long lines or mall parking by shopping online in-flight. You can shop at multiple stores simultaneously while potentially scoring a post-holiday sale deal before the holidays even begin.
  2. Keep up with your favorite sports teams. Several airlines now broadcast live sports channels such as Sport 24 directly to you in the cabin. If that isn’t available, log into a sports news site to track games and scores! Continue your fandom on board – but please be courteous of your fellow passengers. You don’t want your cheering to disturb them as your team scores the winning goal.
  3. Empty your inbox. Give yourself some peace of mind by clearing out your emails in-flight so you can relax and enjoy your time with loved ones when you land. This is a business traveler’s dream come true.
  4. Order a meal. Oftentimes we’re too exhausted from a long day of travel, with no interest in cooking or putting much thought into where we eat. Place a reservation or an order while you’re still in flight so that it’s delivered when you arrive at your final destination.
  5. Catch up on social media. Life can be tough for some of us when notifications and updates aren’t at the tip of our fingers. With onboard connectivity, you won’t have to worry about being disconnected from your feeds, friends, or family.  Send them a text, tweet, IM, selfie, or whatever.


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