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@Altitude Onboard British Airways Flight BA 183

BA 183 - Portal TweetIn case you missed it last week, British Airways hosted a special connectivity flight on March 13th. BA 183 took off from London Heathrow that evening en route to New York’s JFK, and our own @Altitude_Alex was onboard the B747 to experience the event.

During the course of the flight, @Altitude_Alex tried out all of the services available in their connectivity offering “high life CONNECT:” in-flight WiFi, mobile phone service, live television, and entertainment content streamed to your personal device.

The in-flight WiFi, provided by T-Mobile, is available starting after reaching an altitude of 10,000 feet and access can be purchased by selecting either a 1-hour or 24-hour pass using your personal electronic device (PED).

The mobile phone service, operated by AeroMobile, becomes available upon reaching an altitude of 20,000 feet. You can send SMS, MMS, and email messages with your mobile device, and you will be billed by your network service providers’ established international roaming rates.BA 183 - Sport 24

Both the live television and the streaming entertainment content (Movies & More) are free to passengers and can be accessed on your PED through the “high life CONNECT” portal. The four channels of live television include BBC World News, Euronews, Sport 24, and CNNi.

Early in the flight, @Altitude_Alex was able to catch some live ATP 1000 Series, and captured a screen shot of an ace by Raonic in his quarterfinals match against Dolgopolov.

All in all, it was a great flight, and our thanks to British Airways for letting @Altitude share the experience!


 BA 183 - Crew Photo Tweet