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Inflight Events

@Altitude Takes Off

@Altitude_AlexGet Onboard. Get Connected.

The @Altitude movement promotes the awareness, development and use of in-flight connectivity. What better way to share the in-flight experience with you than a live demonstration?

On Tuesday, August 6th we’ll have a passenger onboard a connected aircraft flying from London to Los Angeles, documenting the flight LIVE via Twitter. What should you look for at the gate before you board to know if your flight will be connected? What kind of devices can you use? Our in-flight @Altitude Ambassador will show you this and more!

We’ll be interacting LIVE with our @Altitude Ambassador throughout the flight, and you can too! Look for her on Twitter under the @Altitude_Alex handle. And be sure to check the @Altitude Facebook and Twitter pages often for details on this and other upcoming events.

Enjoy the journey.