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Inflight Wifi Tips

How to Make the Most of Holiday Travel with In-flight Wi-Fi

The holiday season is upon us once again and many of us will be traveling domestically or internationally over the next few weeks to visit family and friends. It can be a hectic time of year, but there’s no reason you can’t lessen your stress and have some fun with in-flight Wi-Fi. To help you out along your journey we’ve got some tips for you.


Prior to travel:
There are a couple of online resources you can use to check for Wi-Fi on your flights. Two web sites that we recommend are routehappy and SeatGuru. Using your airline and flight number you can search for the amenities available on your flight.

Routehappy provides a “happiness” rating based on passengers reviews. Included in their flight data is a Wi-Fi icon which indicates if flights offer this service. Other sites including Google Flights, Expedia, and Kayak also incorporate routehappy’s amenity data into their search information.

SeatGuru provides comprehensive data on just about everything on board the aircraft – from detailed seat map with seat quality to type of in-flight entertainment to availability of in-flight connectivity and in-seat power. On the home screen of their site there are entry fields for airline, fight number, and the date of your flight, just enter the data and you’ll quickly find out whether you can be connected during your flight.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’ll have Wi-Fi you’ll want to take that into consideration for packing your carry-on bags. Be sure to include your Wi-Fi enabled device (smartphone, table, laptop), charging cords for in-seat power, power banks, and travel adaptor if you’re flying internationally.

At the airport:
While waiting in the terminal for your flight to board there are things to do to prepare for your in-flight experience.
Disable automatic updates and backup features
• Configure your email setting to download on request
• Download any apps or files you’ll want to use during your flight

You’re finally in the air and on your way to see your family and friends. Looking for ways to entertain yourself or be productive?

During your flight you’ve got lots of time to surf the web and have some fun. Check out your favorite shopping sites in case there are last minute gifts you still need to get. Change your car rental, make dinner reservations, or order flowers as a hostess gift for a holiday party. You can even go online to your cable company to pay that bill you forgot in the flurry of holiday activity.

If you can’t stand to be disconnected from social media, update your Facebook status to let your loved ones know that you are on your way to see them. If you like to take selfies why don’t you tweet one with the #AltitudeConnect hash tag? We’d love to read about your experience using in-flight Wi-Fi!

Worried about being away from work for two weeks? Log in to your email and clear out your inbox. There’s no need to stress out over last minute emergencies at the office. You might even impress your boss for being productive during your holiday.

Where ever your holiday travel takes you this season we wish you a safe flight and a wonderful time with family and friends!

3 Steps for a Better In-flight Wi-Fi Experience

It’s confirmed that you’ll have Wi-Fi on your upcoming flight. You’re excited because this will be your first time using the service and you won’t be stuck on a transatlantic flight without connectivity. You’re also slightly weary because you’ve read reviews and social media comments that the Wi-Fi on planes can be slow.

Bandwidth (data transfer rate) is shared amongst all passengers on a plane who are using the connectivity service. While you shouldn’t expect the same speed as you get at home, following these 3 steps should help you greatly improve your in-flight Wi-Fi experience.

#1: Limit browsing windows and tabsBrowsing-Tabs-1024x468

On the ground you’re probably used to having multiple windows and tabs open for quick navigation. Did you know that for each window and tab that you have open more data and bandwidth are being consumed? News sites, social media, and other websites with refreshing news feeds are the biggest culprits for data consumption.

Tip: To maximize speed and conserve data, limit your browsing windows and tabs to 1 or 2 at a time. (more…)

How In-Flight Wi-Fi Can Save Your Holiday Travel

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Grab your bags, throw them in the car, and race to the airport. It’s the holidays and you’re traveling to your new in-laws’ house. Of course traffic is horrible. You’re worried you’ll miss your flight. You arrive at the airport, and quickly find a parking spot. Confirm your laptop is in your carry-on luggage, and check your bags at the express lane.

After breezing through security, you make it to your gate just in time to board. Lucky you! You take your seat. Seated, it’s finally time to relax. During the pre-flight announcements, the flight attendant indicates that Wi-Fi will be available after reaching 10,000 feet. Yes! (Chances are you’re flying on one of these airlines). (more…)

Want to Find a Flight with Wi-Fi?

@Altitude would love for everyone to have the opportunity to fly with connectivity. However, finding flights offering this amenity can be challenging. We’re here to help you! If you’ve spent some time on our web site, or visited us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we’re always providing updates on new availability of in-flight connectivity. Our list of airlines offering connectivity is constantly growing, much to our gratification.


4 Travel Gadgets for a More Enjoyable In-flight Wi-Fi Experience

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If you haven’t already tried using in-flight Wi-Fi, then you probably don’t know what you are missing out on. For those of you who have had the privilege to indulge with this amazing technology, you know that you never want to fly without it again!Blog Image 1 NFL

Here at @Altitude, we monitor what passengers are saying about in-flight Wi-Fi on Facebook and Twitter. On a daily basis, we see passengers enthusiastically taking to social media to post about their excitement to be using in-flight Wi-Fi. The topics they post range anywhere from tweeting a loved one that they are on their way home, streaming LIVE television and sporting events to their personal devices, posting LIVE views of the scenery outside their window, paying bills, and even being productive with work or school. (more…)

5 Ways In-Flight Connectivity Can Save Your Holiday Travels

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Flying for the holidays? Travel can be stressful, but we have great news! Many airlines (international and domestic) feature in-flight connectivity, allowing you to stay connected 30,000 feet in the air. We made it easy for you by compiling this list of connected airlines. Now that you’ve confirmed your flight will have WiFi and done a celebratory dance, read on for a few of our favorite uses for onboard connectivity. (more…)