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You’re about to board a flight to New York… or London… or Tokyo. You’ll be in the air for hours. You’ve got work to finish, you’re stressed, and you already miss your kids.

Not to worry. In-flight connectivity has opened up a whole new world for passengers. You now have Internet access, live TV and the ability to use a phone—all from your seat at 30,000 feet.

Get Onboard. Get Connected.

That business report you desperately need to finish? Take your seat, pull out your tablet, work away, and then email the document to your colleagues back at the office. Or check those last-minute emails you were expecting from your client. If you need to relay an important message to your spouse, or your boss, grab your smartphone and send a text.

When you’re done with your work, watch the news on TV—streamed to your seatback monitor, tablet or phone—to find out what’s going on in the world right now. The guy sitting next to you is having a ball: He’s rooting for his home team in the finals of his favorite soccer league.

Before you close your eyes for some sleep, grab your phone and send a picture message to your family—and get one back of your kids’ smiling faces.

Welcome to the world of in-flight entertainment … and to @Altitude, which tells you all about it.

The @Altitude movement promotes the awareness, development and use of in-flight technologies. Why? So that passengers can be connected on every single flight. Which means they can always be entertained and productive in the air. The @Altitude website provides information on the latest in-flight services and the carriers that offer them. The mission: to help passengers have the most positive experience possible.

Look around this site and you’ll see:

  • Services & Technology. This section provides information about available connectivity services and how they work.
  • News & Events. You can read the latest industry news about in-flight connectivity.

Connecting in-flight is becoming increasingly common. Globally, more than 2,500 planes are estimated to have connectivity access—and that number is rising rapidly. It’s predicted that more than 6,000 aircraft will be equipped with connectivity by 2015.

The practical benefits for passengers are endless. You can surf the Web, research places you’ll visit on your trip, check on a sick family member, and text flight-status updates to whoever is picking you up at the airport. As you look down on the clouds, look up your friends’ Facebook pages.

And share your experience. Connect with others in this online global community. Go to our @Altitude pages on Facebook and Twitter, and use the hashtag #AltitudeConnect to be part of an open forum.

Tell your fellow passengers how you’re enjoying Wi-Fi in the sky. Or what game you’re watching. Or where you’re traveling. Or which airlines have connectivity services like Wi-Fi, live streaming TV and the capability to use phones.

In the coming months, check back often on this site to read guest blogs and learn details about future live events.

Enjoy the journey.

April Week 3 – Formula 1, ATP 1000s, MotoGP, Premier League & Bundesliga

Sport 24 logoWe are extremely pleased to be bringing you LIVE action from some of the best sporting events taking place this week from around the globe.

Sport 24 will bring you LIVE matches from the Bundesliga.

Fast paced action from Andy Murray, Thomas Berdych, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo at the ATP Tour 1000s.

In the Barclays Premier League, Manchester United will push forward to try and take hold of the title whilst the battle to stay out of relegation continues to heat up.

Exhilarating speeds and accurate decisions shouldn’t be missed in the Bahrain Formula 1 and MotoGP of Americas.


The 2013 Masters Golf Tournament

Sport 24 logoSport 24 is excited to announce that it will be broadcasting the Augusta Masters 2013 LIVE this week.

It is an electrifying event that brings together all ranges of people from sports fanatics, dreamers, insomniacs, sportsmen, gardeners and the like. It’s a wonderful setting where the best golfers in the world come together to play their finest golf with the hope and desire to win this golfing Grand Slam.

You will be able to watch the action LIVE throughout the tournament on Sport 24 from players such as Tom Watson, current world number 1 Tiger Woods, José María Olazábal, Rory McIlroy and newcomer Guan Tianlang.

Don’t miss it for the world!

Sport 24 – ATP 1000s Miami, Premier League, & Bundesliga

Sport 24 logoThis weekend’s LIVE events that will be broadcast on Sport 24 include the last days of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000s in Miami where the tension is rising and you will be able to watch the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals as you travel.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday there is also LIVE action from the Bundesliga and the Barclays Premier League. As the end of the season is in sight, each match matters more than ever for those valuable points.

Catch all of the action LIVE on Sport 24.

Don’t miss it for the world!

Staying in touch at 30,000 ft – Why mobile’s taken off in-flight

By: Jack Gordon of AeroMobileAeroMobile logo

There’s been huge growth in the use of in-flight mobile over the last 12 months; today’s technology makes it possible, and perfectly safe, to use your phone in-flight, whether it’s to call, text, email or surf the web, and more and more people are taking advantage of it.

On the ground, smartphone ownership has rocketed; over 40 percent of us have something akin to a mini computer in our pockets. Up in the air, the percentage of people with smartphones is even higher; 81 percent of devices onboard fall into this category. We’re all used to being connected 24/7, and being at 30,000 feet is no longer an exception.

Smartphones have become a critical tool for everyday life, replacing everything from alarm clocks to cameras. The average user spends over two hours a day on their phone, not just talking but using the multitude of apps available, including Twitter and Facebook. Similarly in the air, people are using their phones for much more than just voice calls, with texting, emailing and browsing proving most popular.

According to AeroMobile, which provides an in-flight roaming service for mobile users, 5.5 million devices connected to their network in 2012, and figures are expected to rise dramatically in 2013. More and more mobile operators and airlines are switching on to consumer demand for in-flight connectivity, making sure passengers stay connected no matter where they are.

Sport 24 – Formula 1 and ATP Masters 1000s – Miami

Sport 24 logo

This weekend Sport 24 will be broadcasting coverage of the ATP World Tour Master 1000 series LIVE from Miami. After his storming come back post injury, Rafael Nadal is having a rest, however still competing are some of the best male tennis players in the world including Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Potro, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and many others. Miami has gained the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournament of the year award 6 times, voted for by the players; it’s a place where they relax and play inspiring tennis.

Also this weekend, Sport 24 is pleased to be bringing you the Formula 1 Grand Prix LIVE from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An exciting course that tests the drivers, who are still settling into the new season and their new cars. It proves to be an exhilarating race.

Don’t miss it for the world!