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United becomes first US airline to offer overseas WiFi with satellite-equipped 747

Source: engadget.com »

Lufthansa’s been pulling (relatively) speedy Ku-band satellite internet from the heavens for a bit over two years, but now trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific WiFi has finally made its way to a US-based carrier.

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United adds Wi-Fi to 747 used on international routes

Source: chicagotribune.com »

United Airlines said Tuesday that it outfitted its first international widebody airplane with satellite-based Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, with plans to install the capability on 300 more aircraft this year.

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Boeing fills plane with potatoes for WiFi breakthrough

Source: geekwire.com »


Boeing says it has developed a new method for measuring and analyzing wireless signals inside airplanes, a technological breakthrough that promises to improve the quality of wireless Internet connectivity in passenger cabins. And they’ve confirmed that it works by filling a plane with sacks of potatoes.

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Is inflight WiFi a blessing or curse?

Source: theglobeandmail.com »

Inflight WiFi can be a divisive subject. For many business travellers, or those who have a nicotine-esque relationship to Facebook, the ability to stay connected in the air is a godsend. But many see flight as the last bastion of disconnected calm, an enforced time out for reading, reflection or watching movies you wouldn’t bother to view at home.

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