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CNN International: April 2019 Programming Highlights

Coming up on CNN International in-flight during April 2019 (Times are in GMT and subject to change):

Innovative Cities

In the 21st century, the concept of a “smart city” is more than just a buzzword or an ideology, it’s a necessity. With the increasing and unpredictable demands of urbanization, forward thinking individuals from the public and private sectors are turning to emerging technology to tackle the many implications of a growing urban sprawl. With increased internet connectivity and radical innovations, smart cities aim to conquer urban challenges, from transportation to security, in an attempt to make city life as effortless and efficient as possible. In Innovative Cities, CNN explores the initiatives and the innovations that are revolutionizing the cities of the world from cloud computing and blockchain solutions to biometrics and artificial intelligence.

Saturday 6 April at 1230 GMT / 1530 GMT / 2030 GMT

Sunday 7 April at 0230 GMT

Monday 8 April at 0030 GMT / 0830 GMT

Tuesday 9 April at 1630 GMT 

Business Traveller – the Future of European Aviation

Richard Quest brings his experience and passion and truly gets inside the world of the jet-setting executive, exploring the issues, trends and lifestyle of the business traveler.

Wednesday 3 April at 0830 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 6 April at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT 

Sunday 7 April at 1130 GMT 

Saturday 13 April at 1130 GMT 

Sunday 14 April at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT


CNN World Rugby – Laos

News and features from 15 and seven-aside rugby around the world.

Saturday 20 April at 0630 GMT / 2130 GMT

Sunday 21 April at 1630 GMT 

Saturday 27 April at 1630 GMT 

Monday 29 April at 0630 GMT / 2130 GMT


Quest’s World of Wonder – Amsterdam

It’s a world of wonder. Now, let’s go explore it!

Around every corner, down every path there are fascinating places and interesting people. This month, globe trotter and ever-curious Richard Quest travels to Amsterdam to find its DNA, its very essence. Larger than life characters take us on a journey to experience the soul of the city in a way a tourist can’t, making discoveries that wow us.

Saturday 20 April at 1130 GMT

Sunday 21 April at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Wednesday 24 April at 0830 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 27 April at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT 

Sunday 28 April at 1130 GMT