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CNN International: August 2018 Programming Highlights

Coming up on CNN International in-flight during August 2018 (Times are in GMT and CET and subject to change)

CNNi Quest's World of WonderQuest’s World of Wonder – Berlin

Berlin is the king of diversity: a city of contrasts where subcultures thrive. Where the night-time economy dominates the daytime. Where the shadow of the past mingles with a young and creative population. Where the gritty walls of street art galleries look down on the glamorous performances of burlesque dancers. Where east and west are now united, and yet still stand apart. “Poor but sexy” is the phrase which became synonymous with this city, voted the best place for Millennials, who champion its low rents, and nod along to its techno soundtrack. Join Richard Quest as he makes his way through the German capital, learning from young and old about what makes this city such a special destination.


Saturday 18 August at 1130 GMT

Sunday 19 August at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Wednesday 22 August at 0930 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 25 August at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Sunday 26 August at 1130 GMT


CNNi Expedition AntarcticaExpedition Antarctica

Though it might feel as though the Antarctic is about as far from anything, or anyone, as you can get, there are increasing signs of human interference. But the very future of our planet could depend on protecting it. Together with CNN photographer Brice Laine, correspondent Arwa Damon embarks on an epic month-long journey to the ends of the earth. Along with scientists, marine biologists, and Greenpeace activists, she witnesses first-hand the stunning beauty and fragile landscape that hangs in the balance. The icy waters of the Antarctic and what lives in them are proving to be a vital buffer to climate change. They are also becoming a battle ground about where to draw the line between profit and protection. The future of our planet could very well depend on what’s happening here — and what happens next.

Saturday 11 August at 1230 GMT / 1530 GMT / 1930 GMT

Sunday 12 August at 0030 GMT

Monday 13 August at 0330 GMT 

Tuesday 14 August at 0930 GMT / 1630 GMT 

Wednesday 15 August at 0830 GMT

Thursday 23 August at 0830 GMT 


CNNi Inside the Middle EastInside the Middle East – Comic Book Heroes

The phenomenal success of Black Panther, Marvel’s first superhero of African descent, got us thinking; How long before an Arab superhero goes mainstream and what will s/he looks like?

So this month, Inside the Middle East delves into the world of fantasy to find the Superheroes and Heroines, born and bred in the Middle East, waiting to burst from comic book anonymity to the Silver Screen.


Saturday 4 August at 1130 GMT 

Sunday 5 August at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Wednesday 8 August at 0930 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 11 August 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Sunday 12 August at 1130 GMT 


CNNi Talk Asia Japan ShowTalk Asia: Japan Show (repeat)

Japan is constantly evolving, using innovation and ingenuity as the key drivers of the future. On this month’s Talk Asia, CNN follows some of Japan’s most creative and revolutionary minds across design, fashion and architecture: photographer and designer Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sacai founder and creative director Chitose Abe, model and actress Rila Fukushima and world-famous architects Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban. They tell us the philosophies behind their groundbreaking creations and inspirations and how they push the boundaries of society while holding onto the best of Japan’s traditions.

Wednesday 1 August at 0930 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 4 August at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Sunday 5 August at 1130 GMT

Saturday 11 August at 1130 GMT

Sunday 12 August at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT 

Monday 13 August at 0830 GMT