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CNN International: June Programming Highlights

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Hosted by Max Foster in London, CNN Talk addresses and dissects the biggest stories of the week in world politics.

In June, CNN Talk will examine the events leading up to and following the General Election in the United Kingdom alongside the other major international stories from across the globe.

Joining Foster is the show’s regular panel of Liam Halligan, economist and commentator, known for his regular columns in the Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator; Ayesha Hazarika, former UK Labour Party advisor turned political commentator, and LBC Drivetime presenter Iain Dale.

Fridays at 1100 GMT and 1200 CET


CNNi Global GatewayGlobal Gateway

This month, Global Gateway examines how Dubai taps the transformative power of innovation; how technology enables Dubai to realize its ever-ambitious plans for expansion despite being located in one of most hostile environments on earth.  Without the use of technology to transform, without the ability to create an ever-evolving city in which people and business can flourish, Dubai’s Vision in the Desert would not be possible. Dubai has developed innovative solutions – in everything from startup technology to energy to hospitality – that not only to sustain life in the desert, but also to realize the smart city’s ambitious plans for expansion.

Friday 2 June at 0930 GMT and 1030 CET / 1530 GMT and 1630 CET

Saturday 3 June at 1200 GMT and 1300 CET

Monday 5 June at 0330 GMT and 0430 CET

Tuesday 6 June at 1630 GMT and 1730 CET

Wednesday 7 June at 0830 GMT and 0930 CET

Wednesday 17 May at 0830 GMT and 0930 CET



CNNi Bangkok In 24 HoursBangkok In 24 Hours

This June, join CNN’s James Williams as he enjoys the very best of Bangkok In 24 Hours. Williams starts the day with a private Muay Thai training session and visits Wat Pho, guided by the monk who gave Barack  Obama a tour of the temple several years ago. Williams also takes a river cruise to the famous UNESCO Heritage Site, Ayutthaya. In the evening, he goes on a private tour of the MahaNakhon – Thailand’s new tallest building.

Wednesday 7 June at 0930 GMT and 1030 CET / 1630 GMT and 1730 CET

Saturday 10 June at 0530 GMT and 0630 CET / 1830 GMT and 1930 CET

Sunday 11 June at 1130 GMT and 1230 CET

Sunday 17 June at 1130 GMT and 1230 CET

Sunday 18 June at 0530 GMT and 0630 CET / 1830 GMT and 1930 CET


CNNi The KeepersThe Keepers

To call it a nation of incredible diversity would be an understatement. Indonesia’s 17,000 islands are home to nearly 260 million people. You can count more than 700 languages and six official religions. The Keepers will navigate Indonesia’s unique history using culture as a compass. Art, dance and food provide a link to the past and a window to the future. Meet the people helping to preserve these traditions, while defining Indonesia’s modern identity.

Saturday 3 June at 1130 GMT and 1230 CET / 1830 GMT and 1930 CET

Sunday 4 June at 0530 GMT and 0630 CET