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CNN International: May 2019 Programming Highlights

Coming up on CNN International in-flight during May 2019 (Times are in GMT and subject to change):

CNN America’s Choice 2020 – Presidential Town Hall

CNN hosts open forums that give our audience the chance to hear directly from the presidential candidates.

Please go to edition.cnn.com/politics for the latest programming


Iconic India

This month, CNN’s ‘Iconic India’ takes viewers to the pristine coastline and ancient treasures of Karnataka in the South West of India. Known for its glittering palaces and national parks, CNN deep dives into the hidden gems that lure conservationists and adventurers to this beautiful southern state.

Saturday 11 May at 1230 GMT / 1530 GMT / 2030 GMT

Sunday 12 May at 0230 GMT

Monday 13 May at 0030 GMT / 0830 GMT

Tuesday 14 May at 1630 GMT



Supercharged travels from London to Paris in an EV on a single charge. Nicki Shields drives a Kia eNiro to the Formula E race without stopping once to refill the battery. This demonstrates the range of the eNiro (nearly 300miles) and puts pay to the misconception that electric cars are only designed for short distances. Joining Nicki is the editor of “What Car” magazine, whose decision it was to award the eNiro “Car of the Year”- the 1st electric car to win this title. During her drive, we look back on the Rome ePrix, and look ahead to the street battle in Paris. Before the battery drains, and the Kia arrives in Paris, Nicki interview Jean Eric Vergne, reigning champion, ahead of his home race.

Saturday 4 May at 0630 GMT / 2130 GMT

Sunday 5 May at 1630 GMT

Monday 6 May at 0130 GMT

Thursday 9 May at 0830 GMT / 1630 GMT


Quest’s World of Wonder – Marrakesh

It’s a world of wonder. Now, let’s go explore it!

Around every corner, down every path there are fascinating places and interesting people. This month, globe trotter and ever-curious Richard Quest travels to Amsterdam to find its DNA, its very essence. Larger than life characters take us on a journey to experience the soul of the city in a way a tourist can’t, making discoveries that wow us.

Saturday 18 May at 1130 GMT

Sunday 19 May at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT

Wednesday 22 May at 0830 GMT / 1630 GMT

Saturday 25 May at 0530 GMT / 1830 GMT 

Sunday 26 May at 1130 GMT