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Flight #2 of Connected Around the World in 8 Days – Emirates EK 44 (FRA-DXB)

By: @Altitude_Alex

CATW8D_DXBAfter starting this journey with the great experience of flight #1, I was really looking forward to the next segment departing out of Frankfurt. I’d spent most of my time on the first flight focusing on the experience of using Wi-Fi, so for this next flight I would explore some of the other in-flight connectivity services that are available.

On the morning of Saturday, March 29th I anxiously made my way to Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport where I was to board my next flight: Emirates flight EK 44 from Frankfurt (FRA) to Dubai (DXB). This flight was to be onboard a B777-300ER, with the assigned seat of 11A – another window! As this was to be the shortest segment of my tour, with an estimated time of 6 hours 20 minutes, I wanted to make sure that I made the most of exploring two particular services of Emirates’ satellite connectivity offering – live television and mobile services.

Making my way to my seat, seeing the size and resolution quality of the seatback monitors of Emirates’ award winning in-flight entertainment system ice (information, communication, entertainment), I knew my intent to focus on live television for this flight was well-founded. The live television within ice consists of eight channels of sports and news programming: Sport 24, BBC World News, BBC Arabic, CNN International, CNBC, NHK World Premium, Euronews, and Al Jazeera English. Emirates is currently in progress of installing ice LIVE television on the B777 aircraft in their fleet.

CATW8D_EK 44_Sport24In planning the trip, our team had done its homework, and I knew the programming schedule on Sport 24 for this flight would include two live events: the Malaysian Formula 1 Qualifying Race and the Premier League match of Manchester United v Aston Villa. 

While I was watching the Premier League match I made use of Emirates’ mobile services offering by exchanging numerous text messages with both professional and personal contacts back in the United States. Emirates does allow voice calls on their flights, but I was so engaged with watching and listening to the football match, that I didn’t make use of that service.

In addition to live television and mobile services, of course the ice offering does include broadband Wi-Fi, but between the shorter length of this flight and watching the exciting live football match, before I knew it the announcement was being made that we were preparing for descent and I didn’t have time to log on via Wi-Fi. I suppose that means I’ll have to fly Emirates again soon so I can try out their in-flight Wi-Fi!

If you’re interested in seeing more of the photos from the first two flights of Connected Around the World in 8 Days, please visit the our Facebook page and take a look at the album we created for this trip.

As of Emirates’ EK 44 landing in Dubai, I’ve traveled more than 8,800 miles with in-flight connectivity. Flight number 3 departs March 30th, with a new airline, a new destination, and a new experience using in-flight connectivity services.