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Flight #4 of Connected Around the World in 8 Days – United Airlines UA 840 (SYD-LAX)

CATW8D_LAX (Home)By: @Altitude_Alex

I arrived mid-day on April 3rd at Sydney Airport, ready for my fourth flight to circumnavigate the globe in 8 days with in-flight connectivity. For this final segment of my journey, I would be boarding United Airlines flight UA 840 bound for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

For those of you who are frequent travelers, you will not be surprised by what I discovered when I reached the boarding gate: the aircraft for my flight had been changed and I would no longer have in-flight Wi-Fi available on this flight. Unfortunately, this is something that happens from time to time in the airline industry, and can be unavoidable despite your best laid plans. So although it is possible to travel all the way around the world on this route (and others that we researched!) all on flights with connectivity, I did not complete that goal on this journey.

Although I was not tweeting live during this flight via United’s satellite Wi-Fi offering, I will be flying with them again later this month and you can be sure that I will be tweeting about the experience on that flight! I did however, have some great conversations about in-flight connectivity on this flight. Both of the passengers who were seated to the left and right of me are frequent international travelers for business, and appreciate the convenience of being connected during long-haul flights. One of them had even been on this same flight UA 840 recently using the Wi-Fi, so he too was surprised that it was not available.

United is currently in the process of equipping their extensive fleet with Wi-Fi, and regularly updating their web site with the status of their progress. If you’re going to be flying with them soon, be sure to check out their site for details as to whether your flight will be equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi!

The past 8 days have been an amazing journey: a unique opportunity to explore multiple airlines’ connectivity offering as well as to demonstrate the extensive global availability of in-flight connectivity. I’d like to extend the thanks of @Altitude to each of the airlines traveled in this trip; they were all very supportive in our effort to fly around the world with connectivity.

We’ve got more exciting adventures with in-flight connectivity coming up later in the year, so keep on the lookout. And if you find yourself flying with connectivity, please visit us on Facebook or Twitter to share your experience live in-flight.