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Follow @Altitude_Alex as she flies around the world in 8 days

Altitude 8-days Blog Page FeatureJoin us as we track our intrepid in-flight connectivity champion on a whirlwind trip around the world, traveling almost 24,000 miles on four airlines, in 8 days – all of it on connected aircraft, in the first-ever trip of its kind!

On this marathon travel adventure, @Altitude_Alex will demonstrate the use of Wi-Fi and mobile services for calls, chats, social media, and even live television, and she’ll be tweeting about her experiences.

As the trip unfolds, you’ll see that @Altitude_Alex can do all of this from anywhere in the world, over land or water… and so can you.

You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and even post comments to @Altitude_Alex herself on her Twitter page. Be sure to include #CATW8D in your post to be part of the conversation. Her first flight leaves March 27th, and we’ll be posting her departure airport Thursday morning on Facebook and Twitter. Test your knowledge of world airline travel by guessing where Alex is off to next. We’ll post clues about her itinerary periodically, and invite you to reply your guesses.

Enjoy the journey!