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Sport 24 Coverage Schedule: May 5th – 11th

Sports fans flying this week on an airline offering Sport 24 can enjoy LIVE coverage of the NBA Playoffs, UEFA Europa League Semi-Finals, Premier League, and more!Sport 24 - May 5 - 11

The big moments ahead:

NBA Playoffs

Atlanta Hawks vs Cleveland Cavaliers

San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Atlanta Hawks

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers


ATP Tennis – Madrid

Round 3

Quarter Finals

UEFA Europa League

Liverpool vs Villarreal

Premier League

Norwich City vs Manchester United

Sunderland vs Chelsea

Leicester City vs Everton

Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton

Manchester City vs Arsenal

West Ham United vs Manchester United

Liverpool vs Chelsea

National Rugby League

Australia vs New Zealand

ATP Tennis – Rome

Round 1

Round 2

Check out the LIVE schedule on Sport 24’s website or follow them on Twitter for updates!