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Sport 24 Coverage Schedule: Jan 29th – Feb 4th

This is an exciting week for sports fans flying on airlines offering Sport 24. Not only can they watch the Super Bowl XLIX and Australian Open LIVE in-flight, they also have access to the Premier League, Bundesliga, and Euroleague basketball! Sport 24 - Jan 29 - Feb 4

The Big Moments Ahead:

NFL Super Bowl XLIX

Australian Open Tennis

Semi Final

Men’s/Women’s Finals

Premier League 

Hull City vs. Newcastle United

Manchester United vs. Leicester

Chelsea vs. Manchester City

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa

Southampton vs. Swansea (more…)

Super Bowl XLIX Live on Sport 24

A WORLD FIRST…The Super Bowl XLIX will be broadcast LIVE to passengers and fans around the world while in-flight. You, and they, are making history!Sport 24 - Super Bowl

This weekend the Seattle Seahawks are returning to the Super Bowl to defend their title against previous winners New England Patriots.

It looks to be an extremely evenly matched meeting; throughout the 2014-2015 season both teams delivered offensive spark while demonstrating defensive prowess, all of which will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Super Bowl, famous for its big plays, its passion, showcases skill and competitiveness on the field. It’s also famous for the glitz, glamour and entertainment around the game. (more…)

Sport 24 Coverage Schedule: January 22nd – 28th

Another fantastic week of sporting events coming up. From the Australian Open Tennis to the NFL Pro Bowl 2015, airline passengers can enjoy non-stop action from takeoff to landing with Sport 24.Sport 24 - January 22-28

List of events passengers can enjoy:

NFL – Pro Bowl Game 2015
The NFL’s All Star Players will be on display at the 2015 Pro Bowl Game. The best players from the American Football Conference play against those from the National Football Conference. The teams are chosen by two “Hall of Fame” players, who this year are wide receivers Cris Carter and Michael Irvin.

Australian Open Tennis 

Second Round

Third Round

Fourth Round (more…)

Sport 24 Schedule: January 8th – 14th

Whether you’re a NFL, Premier League, Big Bash Cricket, or Euroleague Basketball fan, you can watch these sports LIVE in-flight. Traveling on one of these airlines? You may have Sport 24!Sport 24 January 8th-14th

The Big Moments Ahead:

NFL *Divisional Round*

Ravens vs. Patriots

Panthers vs. Seahawks

Cowboys vs. Packers

Colts vs. Broncos

Premier League

Sunderland vs. Liverpool

Everton vs. Manchester City

Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Hotspur (more…)

Sport 24 Broadcast Schedule: 1st – 7th January

Sport 24 1-7th JanuaryIt’s a new year with lots of great sporting to watch LIVE in-flight on Sport 24! Flying between now and 7th January?  Here’s a look at what you’ll be able to watch on board:

NFL Playoffs – It’s Wild Card Weekend! – LIVE

Cardinals vs. Panthers

Ravens vs. Steelers

Bengals vs. Colts

Lions vs. Cowboys

Premier League – LIVE

Stoke City vs. Manchester United

Liverpool vs. Leicester (more…)

Sport 24 Coverage Schedule: Dec. 26th – 31st

Traveling this holiday season? Watch your favorite sporting events LIVE, in the sky, while you fly with Sport 24Sport 24 December 26th-31st

The Big Moments Ahead:


Chargers vs. Chiefs

Lions vs. Packers

Bengals vs. Steelers

Premier League

Chelsea vs. West Ham United

Manchester United vs. Newcastle United

Arsenal vs. Queens Park Rangers (more…)

Sport 24 Broadcast Schedule: December 18th – 23rd

Be one of the first to watch the KFC T20 Big Bash League Cricket LIVE in-flight on Sport 24! Watch the non-stop action starting December 18th, while in transit, and stay enthralled from the moment the first ball is bowled. Matches are played nearly every day until January 28th, 2015.Sport 24 - December 18th-23rd

The Big Moments Ahead:

Big Bash Cricket

Adelaide Strikers vs. Melbourne Stars

Sydney Sixers vs. Melbourne Renegades

Melbourne Stars vs. Hobart Hurricanes

Sydney Thunder vs. Brisbane Heat

Perth Searchers vs. Adelaide Strikers

Hobart Hurricanes vs. SC Freiburg


Titans vs. Jaguars (more…)

2014: An In-Flight Connectivity Year in Review

By: @Altitude_Alex

As 2014 is winding down, we here at @Altitude have been discussing what an amazing year it has been for in-flight connectivity! So much has happened; we thought it would be fun to review some of the highlights in case you missed them.


How In-Flight Wi-Fi Can Save Your Holiday Travel

By: @Altitude_Allison

Grab your bags, throw them in the car, and race to the airport. It’s the holidays and you’re traveling to your new in-laws’ house. Of course traffic is horrible. You’re worried you’ll miss your flight. You arrive at the airport, and quickly find a parking spot. Confirm your laptop is in your carry-on luggage, and check your bags at the express lane.

After breezing through security, you make it to your gate just in time to board. Lucky you! You take your seat. Seated, it’s finally time to relax. During the pre-flight announcements, the flight attendant indicates that Wi-Fi will be available after reaching 10,000 feet. Yes! (Chances are you’re flying on one of these airlines). (more…)

Sport 24 In-flight Schedule: Nov. 27th – Dec. 3rd

This Thursday there are 3 back to back Thanksgiving Day NFL games which will keep passengers enthralled whilst in transit. All games will be broadcast LIVE, only with Sport 24.Sport 24 Nov. 27th - Dec 3rd

The Big Moments ahead in Sports:


Bears vs. Lions

Eagles vs. Cowboys

Seahawks vs. 49ers

Saints vs. Steelers

Patriots vs. Packers

Broncos vs. Chiefs

Dolphins vs. Jets (more…)