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Sport 24 Coverage Schedule: November 26th – December 1st

This week is one of the busiest travel weeks for the United States. For all those passengers who will be traveling this week, Sport 24 has a jam-packed line-up to keep them entertained in-flight!Sport 24 - Nov 26 - Dec 1st

The big moments ahead:


Memphis Grizzlies vs Houston Rockets

Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers

Atlanta Hawks vs San Antonio Spurs


Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions

Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers (more…)

BBC World News: October Highlights

Coming up on BBC World News in-flight (Times are in GMT)


Working LivesWorking Lives

Mariko Oi meets five working women in Tokyo to assess how Shinzo Abe’s policy of “womenomics” is working. Japan has to address the twin issues of a declining birth rate and a lack of women in the work place – will it find a way?

TX times TBC


The Travel ShowThe Travel Show

In a special episode of The Travel Show, broadcast from Japan, Rajan Datar travels across the country sampling its vibrant urban culture and its more rural areas and islands, including Okinawa and Naoshima.

October 17th: 03:30, 13:30, 18:30

October 18th: 06:30


3 Steps for a Better In-flight Wi-Fi Experience

It’s confirmed that you’ll have Wi-Fi on your upcoming flight. You’re excited because this will be your first time using the service and you won’t be stuck on a transatlantic flight without connectivity. You’re also slightly weary because you’ve read reviews and social media comments that the Wi-Fi on planes can be slow.

Bandwidth (data transfer rate) is shared amongst all passengers on a plane who are using the connectivity service. While you shouldn’t expect the same speed as you get at home, following these 3 steps should help you greatly improve your in-flight Wi-Fi experience.

#1: Limit browsing windows and tabsBrowsing-Tabs-1024x468

On the ground you’re probably used to having multiple windows and tabs open for quick navigation. Did you know that for each window and tab that you have open more data and bandwidth are being consumed? News sites, social media, and other websites with refreshing news feeds are the biggest culprits for data consumption.

Tip: To maximize speed and conserve data, limit your browsing windows and tabs to 1 or 2 at a time. (more…)

How In-Flight Wi-Fi Can Save Your Holiday Travel

By: @Altitude_Allison

Grab your bags, throw them in the car, and race to the airport. It’s the holidays and you’re traveling to your new in-laws’ house. Of course traffic is horrible. You’re worried you’ll miss your flight. You arrive at the airport, and quickly find a parking spot. Confirm your laptop is in your carry-on luggage, and check your bags at the express lane.

After breezing through security, you make it to your gate just in time to board. Lucky you! You take your seat. Seated, it’s finally time to relax. During the pre-flight announcements, the flight attendant indicates that Wi-Fi will be available after reaching 10,000 feet. Yes! (Chances are you’re flying on one of these airlines). (more…)